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My Stalking Memories By Major R.A. Wilson

Major R.A. Wilson D.S.O.´s granddaughter visited our museum. The family have asked if we would like to sell their remaining books of legendary author Major Wilson which we have gladly expected. Only 30 books are now available through our shop as part of our new Deer Library.



My Stalking Memories By Major R.A. Wilson

When first published in 1961 the author, Major R.A. Wilson, was told that My Stalking Memories would have limited appeal, however a 2nd edition containing extra stories was published a mere two years later in 1963.

The book describes expedition style hunts during New Zealand’s red deer stalking glory days, between 1910s and 1930s, in Otago and South Westland of the South Island.  The author retells his fortune in securing many ‘royal’ (12 pointer) or better stag heads of 40 inches of length and 40 inches of spread, the ‘trophy’ benchmark of the time.